You’re driving a car anyway - why not make some extra cash?

With AddyCar you can earn up to £150 per month
by carrying advertising for local businesses

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How much can I make?

Earn up to £150
every month
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How it works?

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This allows us to learn more about your driving habits, so that you are matched with advertisers along your daily commute! We take your privacy very seriously, so nobody will know the exact location of your home or office.

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Advertisers will send you offers based on your driving routes and daily commute.
Don't worry, you don't have to accept campaigns that you are not comfortable with.

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Get graphics fitted at one of our partner locations, and get paid while you drive!

New to AddyCar?

Download the AddyCar app, sign up, and begin driving with our app running in the background. Once you have logged 50 miles, your profile will be visible for advertisers, and you will be notified if you receive any offers!

It is entirely up to the advertisers to select your profile for their campaigns. Advertisers will be selecting drivers based on their driving habits, and the make of their car.

Our drivers earn up to £100 a month, with the payments being made into your bank account at the end of each campaign-month. You get paid as long as you drive within a 3-mile radius of your designated campaign zone - the closer you drive to the center, the more you earn!

We will arrange for you to visit one of our wrapping locations at the most convenient time for you. Installation will be on us, and we will give you a free car wash to boot! Once the campaign has ended, we will arrange for you to have the wrap removed as well, without cost.

When advertisers send you a request, they will specify a minimum campaign period (typically from one to three months). If you accept the request and get the ads wrapped on your vehicle, you will incur a penalty if you remove them before the minimum stipulated period. If advertisers decide to extend the campaign beyond the initial period, you get the right to choose whether or not to continue carrying the ads on your vehicle.

Installation and removal of car wraps are fully insured. However, we are not responsible for your car insurance during the course of campaigns. You should check with your vehicle insurance provider before you work with AddyCar.

You can sign up and start driving with AddyCar wherever you live in the United Kingdom. We will work hard to find advertisers hoping to conduct campaigns in your area!

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